Child Support

Colorado Child Support Attorney

Colorado child support guidelines are based on the combined monthly gross income of both parents, before taxes or any other deductions. The guidelines will show an amount for one child, two children, or three or more children based on combined monthly income and the amount of time (meaning overnights) a child spends with each parent. The guidelines also consider the contributions each parent makes for expenses such as medical insurance and day care. Colorado's child support guidelines go up to a combined gross income of $30,000 a month. When your income is above the guidelines, the amount of child support payments will be determined by the court based on the child's reasonable needs. This may include an analysis of the lifestyle the child would have enjoyed if the marriage had not been dissolved. The court presumes that the child support should be at least as much as it would have been at the top of the guidelines.

Our attorneys are considered experts in negotiating child support payments in high-income cases. When the parties are unable to resolve child support issues, we can explore alternative ways of reaching a resolution such as mediation and arbitration, and collaborative law.

Our attorneys are experienced with collection of past due support, defense of county Child Support Enforcement actions, and other arrearage issues. They will advise you if your most economical option is to engage the services of the local Child Support Enforcement office.


Our firm’s attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable with respect to each step in a paternity proceeding and the resulting child support payments and parenting time issues if paternity is established. Paternity cases can involve issues ranging from DNA testing to weighing competing presumptions as to paternity to determination of child support and parenting time. If more than one person has filled the role of a father, the DNA test results may be only a small piece of the puzzle. Our lawyers at McGuane & Hogan, P.C., have experience both in requesting child support and in representing the father in requesting parenting time.

Child Support Modifications

In any divorce child support is subject to the continuing jurisdiction of the court. Things like changes in a parent’s income, changes in the need for or cost of child care, or other major financial changes may justify a reexamination of child support. What is in the best interests of a children will evolve over time, as they grow and their needs change. We have extensive experience requesting these kinds of modifications to child support and custody orders.

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