Every divorce, like every marriage, is unique and needs to be handled with care, civility and understanding. Finding a lawyer is easy. Finding a lawyer who truly understands the Colorado family law system and can use this knowledge to ensure your needs are met and assets are protected is another thing entirely.

At McGuane & Hogan, P.C., we wrote the book on Colorado family law. Partner Kathleen Hogan is the author of the Colorado Family Law Practice Series. This detailed work is frequently referenced by attorneys, judges and others in the legal arena all over Colorado. Our in-depth knowledge helps us prepare your case for trial and allows us to find the best points for negotiation and mediation.

We Will Find The Right Solution For You

Our partners began practicing together 22 years ago. During that time, we have found creative solutions for our family law clients, many of whom came to us with very complex situations.

We have represented a wide variety of clients, in Denver and throughout the state, including executives of large corporations, small-business owners, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, entertainers and a variety of other people who have significant assets they wish to protect. We also represent the spouses of these individuals, who feel they may lose everything they have invested in years of marriage if they do not have a competent lawyer.

We find the method of representation and level of aggressiveness that fits your need:

  • If you and your spouse can agree on most or all issues, we may recommend you use our collaborative law services.

  • If you have serious concerns over some issues but can work many things out between you, mediation or arbitration may be your best choice.
  • For those who have highly contested divorces, we are all experienced trial lawyers who prepare every case to go to court, regardless of whether it ends up in front of a judge.

Our attorneys always strive to find the best method to resolve issues like property division or child custody. We understand how sensitive many of these issues are and we respect where you are coming from. Our primary interests are you and your success in your new life.

Work With One Of The Top Five Family Law Firms In Colorado

Call us to schedule a consultation at 303-416-5697 or contact us online. We have offices in Cherry Creek and Aspen and we serve clients all over Colorado.