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November 2018 Archives

Is uncontested divorce realistic for high income couples?

In the modern world, couples considering divorce are increasingly aware that the process does not have to be a long, draining experience if both parties agree to end their marriage amicably. While this is almost always easier said than done, it is true that divorce does not have to be full of frustrating conflicts. If keeping the process civil is a priority to a couple, approach it with this goal in mind.

Debunking the divorce myth that an affair impacts asset division

Divorce is a common experience in our culture, but many people remain woefully uninformed about the realities of divorce. Myths and urban legends seem to dominate public opinion about what happens in a divorce. From the belief that court systems are inherently biased against fathers to the idea that infidelity has a direct impact on the outcome, many people believe wildly inaccurate things about divorce.

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