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Court decisions in Family law cases can be appealed if there is reason to believe an incorrect ruling was made due to a misinterpretation of the law, misapplication of a rule, an erroneous admission of evidence, or a lack of evidence to support the court’s ruling. You cannot successfully appeal a family law decision just because you do not like the outcome. An appeal must be based on a claim that the result is erroneous due to a mistake on the part of the judge or malfeasance on the part of your ex-spouse and his or her attorney. At the family law office of McGuane & Hogan, our attorneys prepare and present family law appeals in cases involving everything from child custody rulings to the division of marital assets. A family law appeal can be in regard to one specific issue of your divorce case or include a large number of issues.

If you believe you were not granted a fair trial due to an error or mistake on the part a family court judge, contact family law appeals attorneys at McGuane & Hogan today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

Family Law Appeals and Divorce

Our divorce attorneys file family law appeals in regard to the following:

What’s Involved in a Family Law Appeal?

You have only a limited time in which to appeal from a trial court judgment. A brief must be written outlining the procedural and legal issues that are the grounds for a family law appeal. The Court of Appeals will not consider new evidence. Typically, the Court of Appeals considers what is contained in the appellate briefs and the transcript from the trial. If the Court of Appeals needs additional clarification, it may request oral arguments by the lawyers. In some instances the Court of Appeals will change the trial court decision. In other instances, the case may be sent back to the trial court for a new trial or re-examination of certain issues.

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Our attorneys are experienced in family law appeals and are familiar with the processes involved. We know how to position our client’s case and use case law and precedent to leverage their appeals. For more information regarding family law appeals and an evaluation of your case, contact McGuane & Hogan today.