Our Colorado Family Law Attorneys Conduct Your Divorce With Civility And Sensitivity

At McGuane & Hogan, P.C., we know how difficult divorce can be. Your life is changing and everything may feel like it is out of control. Our lawyers will help you put everything in perspective and support you through the entire process. We are dedicated to providing a civil, principled approach to family law issues with a minimum amount of stress and providing the maximum benefit to you as you move forward with your life.

Partner Kathleen Hogan quite literally wrote the book on Colorado family law. She is the co-author of the Colorado Family Law Practice Series. All of our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the law and a comprehensive understanding of how it can be used to protect the property and assets that matter most to you.

We prepare every case for trial, but we are also expert negotiators. We prefer to resolve most or all of your case through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. We also practice collaborative law, where both parties and their attorneys commit to working together to find a settlement instead of resorting to litigation.

We Find Creative Solutions For Complex Problems

Our clients range from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes and entertainers to small and medium-sized business owners, landlords and others, in the Denver metro area and throughout the state, with significant assets they want to protect. We also represent the spouses of these individuals who may be concerned that they will lose everything they invested in years of marriage.

We have encountered and resolved many complex problems in our many years of practicing family law. We handle each case on its own merits and find the best solution for you and your unique situation. Whether you have concerns over property division or custody of your children, we can help.

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Let Us Guide You Through Your Divorce

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